SONAR Magazine

Welcome to SONAR, the SFDS Upper School Literary Magazine!

Each spring, every 5th, 6th, 7th, and 8th grader submits a piece of writing to be considered for publication in SONAR. Poems, stories, and short and long personal essays written in and out of school are acceptable submissions, and the upper school English teachers read through each piece with the end goal of selecting exemplary writings from each grade to be published.

SONAR 2016 Winners

5th Grade:

  • Memoirs by Faye Callaghan-Sansone and Maddox Rochman-Romdalvik
  • The Jumpy House by Rye Kushner
  • Swimming by Camillia Amiri

6th Grade:

  • My Name prose poems by Geoffrey Kim and Amelie Gantert

    Two "Lost Chapters" of Homer's Odyssey:
  • The Spartan Boar by Sonali Feeley
  • The Island of the Dangerous Cheese God by Kirin Atluru

7th Grade:

Short Fiction:

  • "The Speech" by Eric Abrahams
  • "A Bad Winter" by Owen Flanagan
  • "Brown and Beautiful" by Simone Jacques
  • "Issues" by Tabitha Cahan

8th Grade:

  • Out of the Dust Journal by Sophie Byrne
  • Mockingbird Monologues by Lulu Savageaux and Catharine Paik
  • Where I'm From, a poem by William Denton

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