Mission and Philosophy

San Francisco Day School educates, nurtures, and inspires girls and boys of diverse backgrounds to achieve their highest academic and creative potential, to embrace ethical values, and to become active contributors to their communities.



Academic Excellence

San Francisco Day School prides itself as a community of learners in which intellectual curiosity and creative problem-solving are valued. The SF Day curriculum strives to attend to the needs of each child, while pursuing  dynamic, innovative programs in K-8 education.

Diversity and Inclusiveness in Our Community

San Francisco Day School recruits, welcomes, and celebrates children, families, faculty, and staff that reflect the broad range of diversity in the Bay Area. The School invites its families, faculty, and staff to come together and work toward a common set of goals in an inclusive and supportive community.

Strong Partnership Between School and Family

The School seeks families committed to its mission and shared values. A close partnership between families and the School fosters mutual respect, trust, and open lines of communication. Our families model respect and kindness for each other and the School. The School supports and is in turn supported by families as they seek to instill strong values and provide a rich educational program in which the children grow and thrive.

Shared Values of Compassion, Integrity & Responsibility

San Francisco Day School strives to work in close alliance with families to ground students with a strong moral purpose. Students are encouraged to make judgments based on ethical principles that honor the values of equity and justice; they learn the importance of kindness, caring, and support toward and for one another. They are encouraged to stand up for their own convictions and learn the essentials of teamwork: cooperation, collaboration, and resolution of conflict.

Active Involvement with the City

The city of San Francisco provides an important learning laboratory for the School. Its rich cultural resources serve to support and enhance the curriculum in all grades. Students in all grades participate in an age-appropriate service learning program that flows from the curriculum and is an integral part of the overall learning experience. Students are empowered to make a difference in their community and learn the values of compassion, integrity, and responsibility as lifelong habits.