SFDay Connect!

The goal of SF Day Connect! is to maintain a cohesive community by providing opportunities for students, parents, and faculty to come together for a common purpose.

Student Affinity Groups

SF Day is proud to host student affinity groups to support and celebrate the diversity of our community.  An affinity group is a designated “safe space,” where everyone in that group shares a particular identity. This identity can be based on race, gender, sexual orientation, language, nationality, physical/mental ability, socio-economic class, family structure, religion, and more.  The goal of affinity groups is to facilitate positive identity exploration and development towards the larger goal of creating an inclusive learning environment. Participants can use the space for reflection, dialogue, and support. 

This year's current groups include:

If any of the groups are of interest to you/your children, please email the facilitator directly so they can follow up with details regarding schedule and location. If there is a group you'd like to add or if you have questions regarding affinity groups, please email Betsy Brody and/or Loren Moye 

*African-American Affinity Group: 1st Fridays at 12:15-12:45p in room 7 (note times will shift to accommodate other schedules throughout the year); Asian-American Pacific Islander Group: 3rd Thursdays and starts November 16 in Room 2 from 7:30-8:00 a.m.; YoLGBTQUpper school lunches on Fridays every other month; All-school gatherings TBD.

Questions?  Contact our Co-Directors of Diversity:  Loren Moye (lmoye@sfds.net) and Betsy Brody (bbrody@sfds.net).

Day of Silence

Each year, SF Day participates in the annual National Day of Silence sponsored by GLSEN (Gay, Lesbian, and Straight Education Network), a day that asks the question, “What will you do to end the silence?”  On the Day of Silence, students across the country are encouraged to call attention to the silencing effect of anti-LGBT bias, bullying and harassment in schools by taking their own vow of silence.  Students at SF Day show their support with an upper school assembly devoted to this topic, and then are invited to eat lunch at a “silent table” and take a vow of silence in between classes as well.

“I am participating in the Day of Silence because I know that even in the safest environment, anti-LGBT bullying still occurs, and I am doing my part to end the bullying.  I will join the GSA in my high school and spread the word there too.  I have learned that being isolated is very difficult, which is why we must end the silence.”
-Eighth grade student reflection

Community Gatherings

SF Day hosts dinners to celebrate our community's diversity. These gatherings provide an opportunity for families to both socialize across grade levels and to meet in affinity groups.

The SEED Project

SF Day is proud be one of the many schools across the country to host the national SEED Project on Inclusive Curriculum. SEED stands for Seeking Educational Equity and Diversity. This project was founded by Peggy McIntosh, Director of the Gender, Race, and Inclusive Education Project at Wellesley College in Massachusetts. 

Faculty SEED

These meetings are open to all Bay Area independent school faculty and staff members, and provide a forum for peers to discuss school culture as it relates to diversity and inclusion.
Meetings: One Thursday each month, 5:00-8:00pm. 
Contacts: Loren Moyé and Karen Richards 

Diversity & Inclusion Parent/Guardian Group 

This group provides families the opportunity to examine topics of equity as they relate to school life and culture. SF Day parents and guardians meet throughout the year and participate in parent/guardian education facilitated by the school.  PA Chair: Zefania Preza

Board Committee on Diversity

SF Day is one of the few independent schools in the Bay Area with a dedicated Committee at the Board-level which focuses on issues pertaining to diversity and cultural competency.  The Board Committee on Diversity supports the school’s efforts to build community through diversity, acts as a sounding board for admissions and the Co-Directors of Diversity, and supports the school’s administration in diversity endeavors.
Board Committee on Diversity Chair, Bert Galleno