Admission Process: 1-4

The SF Day Annual Spring Neighborhood Open House is on Saturday, May 5 from 10:30 am to 12:00 pm. This is a self-guided, unstructured event for our friends and neighbors to take a peek inside our school and walk through our halls. Please RSVP online
Our fall admission events will be updated on our website for the 2019 application season by the end of this summer. You may schedule your fall admission events starting September 1, 2018.

Note to Applicants for 2019
Ravenna will be updated and ready to accept inquiries for fall 2019 starting September 1, 2018. We invite you to explore our website and kindly ask that you do not submit your inquiry form on Ravenna until September 1. Thank you!

Admission Process: 1-4

Step 1: Explore or Apply Using Ravenna

Thank you for your interest in San Francisco Day School! You are invited to begin the admission process for SF Day by choosing to explore or apply to our school.

Explore will enable you to learn more about our school before applying.  You can view and register for upcoming admission events, as well as view the admission process details. You may choose to apply at any point during your process.

Apply will enable you to view, register for events, and access required forms for the application process.  

Click here to access Ravenna.*

*If you already have an account with Ravenna, please use the same login information. There is no need to create a separate account.

Step 2: Visit Our School

We invite you to visit our school campus, so that you can experience firsthand a "day in the life" of a San Francisco Day School student.  Below is a list of various opportunities for you to tour the school.  To view dates and register for an event, please login to Ravenna.

Click here to access Ravenna.  

School Tours 8:15-10:30 a.m. (Recommended)
SF Day offers thirteen tours between September-December.  

Fall Open Houses (Optional)
SF Day offers two open houses in the fall - these are a wonderful opportunity to meet teachers and current families.  

Windows & Mirrors Evening Reception (Optional)
Join us to learn how SF Day embraces diversity and inclusion to ensure all voices are heard in our community.

Discounted Tuition Informational Meeting (Optional)
This meeting provides more information regarding our tuition assistance program. 

Step 3: Application

Application for entry in the fall of 2018

All applications, including form submissions, may be completed online using Ravenna. You may start the form and return to it at any time.  Your application will not be received by our admission team until you press the "Submit" button. 

Completing your application early will give you optimum flexibility in scheduling your Parent/Guardian Meeting before the deadline rush. Your application is due three days before your Parent/Guardian Meeting. Completed applications along with the application fee ($100*) and a recent family photo are due on Friday, December 15, 2017 by noon.

*To request an application fee waiver, please call the admission office at 415-568-3611.  Thank you.

Click here to access Ravenna.
Step 4: Parent/Guardian Meetings & Student Visits
Parent/Guardian Meetings & Student Visits

Parents and guardians of applicants to grades 1-8 are welcome to make an online reservation on Ravenna for school visits, tours, open houses and/or receptions. Those who have submitted complete applications for grade levels in which we anticipate an opening may be invited for a Student Visit and a Parent/Guardian Meeting with the Division Head. Note these are two separate meetings.  If space allows, we will invite your child for a full day visit in January or February, which they will spend with their current grade level.  After March, we may invite those who elect to stay in the wait pool.

Click here to access Ravenna.
Admission Process Checklist
Grades 1-4 Admission Process Checklist
  • Begin exploring or applying to San Francisco Day School by creating an account on Ravenna
  • Register for a School Tour on Ravenna.  (recommended)
  • Register for an Open House on Ravenna.  (optional)
  • Register for the Windows & Mirrors Reception on Ravenna. (optional)
  • Complete online Application on Ravenna with family photo no later than noon on December 15, 2017. (required)

Note: You will be contacted in January by our admission team to schedule a Student Visit and Parent/Guardian Meeting only if we have available space for the grade to which you are applying.  For grades 1-8, rolling applications will be accepted throughout the year in the case of unexpected attrition.