Affording SF Day

Thank you for considering San Francisco Day School in your search to find the right school for your child. We understand that investing in an indepen­dent school education requires thoughtful planning and careful financial prioritization, and the process may be challenging and complex. Our goal is to demystify the process and express our deep commitment to supporting families from all economic backgrounds through discounted tuition.

SF Day believes that maintaining a diverse learning environment is crucial to our school culture and mission. Teaching children to become confident and respectful global citizens requires the ability to work with peers with different backgrounds, cultures and points of view. As one parent responded in a survey, “All diversity, whether socio-economic, cultural, ethnic or otherwise contributes to perspective, dialogue and learning. I would like my child to be exposed to as many viewpoints as possible.” That said, we recognize that upholding an exceptional educational program requires a significant financial commitment and the cost of independent school tuition has become increas­ingly challenging.

If an SF Day education seems beyond your family’s financial reach, we encour­age you to learn more about our Discounted Tuition program. In the 2017-18 school year, SF Day offered $1.9 million in tuition assistance to 86 students. While every family is expected to pay a minimum of 5% of the total cost, each situation is unique and we will work with you. Thank you again for your consideration and we welcome your questions or comments. We’re here to help!

Mike Walker                                                 Susan Wayland
Head of School                                             Chief Financial Officer & Director of Operations