Endowing Excellence

At San Francisco Day School, we strive to provide a dynamic learning environment that empowers each individual with tools that are vital to realizing potential.

Potential: All children have it, the future demands it, and our responsibility is to nurture it.

In 2011, we embarked on this ambitious campaign to strategically invest in the people and programs that make our school so special.  By providing long-term financial stability for SF Day, the increased endowment supports the following essential priorities:

1. Develop critical thinkers and creative problem solvers

2. Inspire San Francisco Day School teachers

3. Preserve socio-economic diversity

4. Achieve financial sustainability

We did it!

Endowing Excellence raised $15 million in new funds for the SF Day Endowment, bringing it to over $25 million in 2015. Income from the endowment now contributes over $1 million a year to the school's operating budget.  We have achieved this milestone in the school's history thanks to the support of our generous community.


Special Thanks

The success of the campaign is a true testament to David Jackson’s leadership, his passion for developing critical thinkers and creative problem solvers, and his commitment to supporting students and faculty.  We would also like to especially recognize Mike Halper, Carl Kawaja, and Laura Spivy for their leadership as Presidents of the Board of Trustees and tremendous work to ensure the campaign’s success.  Finally, SF Day would like to thank Katie Albright and Ken McNeely, Campaign Co-Chairs.  This momentous achievement would not have been possible without their diligence and thoughtful stewardship. Together, our community has created a lasting legacy for generations to come.

Excellence in Action:

Visit: https://vimeo.com/channels/endowingexcellence.


Learn More!

Letter from Campaign Co-Chairs
CLICK HERE to download a letter from our Campaign Co-Chairs and Trustees, Katie Albright and Ken McNeely.

Endowing Excellence Case Statement
 to download our campaign case statement with more information.