Fine Arts

Art is a powerful tool with which to develop the creative promise in every student. Through art, each student learns the power of the imagination, the potential of creative solutions, and the skills and techniques needed to speak in a visual language. Art gives students the opportunity to think with their eyes while putting a vocabulary to this visual language. Understanding this visual language expands one's ability to perceive, analyze, and appreciate one's world.

The art curriculum revolves around the concept of the "artist of the month." Lessons are planned around the artist's creative expression, aesthetic perception and values. All grade levels study and model the artist's techniques and learn about his or her sensibility.

Our job as artists and art educators is to teach our students how to see actively, and give form to their thoughts, while empowering their confidence and belief in their own uniqueness. Art is each child's way to communicate personal thoughts, feelings, and values.

The overriding questions we ask each student to consider are:

  • How do we think like an artist?
  • How do we make art?
  • How do we talk about what we have made?
  • How does the art that we have made connect with the world of art?