Loren Moyé
Director of Diversity & Inclusion; Dean of Faculty; Math Teacher; SEED Co-Facilitator
Joined SF Day in 1999

Loren teaches 7th and 8th grade math, is an 8th grade advisor, and has coached boys’ basketball. He previously taught in the San Francisco Unified School District before coming to SF Day. After earning his B.A. in Communications from the University of Cincinnati, Loren worked for a number of years in marketing research as a manager and trainer for market research interviewers. He received a teaching certificate from San Francisco State University and has a Master’s degree in private school leadership from Columbia University’s Teachers College in New York City. Loren has participated in many workshops around issues of diversity, including being a cast member in the documentary film, "The Color of Fear," which highlights race relations in the United States. He has also completed the training program for the National SEED Project on Inclusive Curriculum. Loren and his wife are the parents of two boys, both of whom are SF Day alumni. In his position as co-director of diversity, Loren is excited about the conversations he will be having with faculty and parents. He feels that open discussions about cultural competency will bring the community closer together.

Betsy Brody
Co-Director of Diversity & Inclusion; Director of High School Counseling; 8th Grade Advisor

Joined SF Day in 2014

In addition to serving as the Co-Director of Diversity, Betsy is also our Director of High School Placement. She is a passionate advocate for diversity work and has extensive experience working as the Director of Inclusion at French American International School and International High School. In that position she was responsible for organizing and overseeing multiple school-wide initiatives in response to the National Association of Independent School’s Assessment of Inclusivity and Multiculturalism (AIM), researching and hiring diversity practitioners to work with faculty/staff, collaborating with students, families, faculty/staff, and community organizers to host annual interactive diversity workshops, supporting student affinity groups, and acting as a school-wide staff liaison to the Board Committee on Community and Diversity.