SF Day Fest 2018

Join us on March 24, 2018 at The Palace Hotel 

SF Day Fest (formerly CultureFest) is a community-building event that brings together parents, faculty, and staff to celebrate and benefit the Discounted Tuition program and raise funds for strategic initiatives.  

This year, we’re celebrating the San Francisco Day School community by shining a light on the stars among us; our teachers, family members, superstars, and service members. These stars inspire us, set a positive example, and make us shine—and now it’s time to turn the spotlight on them. On March 24, 2018 at The Palace Hotel, we will celebrate the stars in our lives.

SF Day Fest is a festive evening with cocktails, dinner, raise-the-paddle, and dancing. Leading up to the event, the school also hosts an online auction that includes sign-ups for parent and student “count-me-in” parties throughout the year--a wonderful way to build our community.

We hope to see you there!

Dokleida Kawaja, Kim Pettigrew & Adrienne Rogers
SF Day Fest Co-Chairs 2018

Frequently Asked Questions

What is SF Day Fest (previously CultureFest)?

SF Day Fest is a community-building event that brings together SF Day parents, faculty, and staff to celebrate and benefit the Discounted Tuition program and raise funds for strategic initiatives. This year’s theme is SF Day Fest: Shine Like a Star, and the event will be held Saturday, March 24 at The Palace Hotel.

What does SF Day Fest support?

Proceeds from the auction support our Discounted Tuition program. Each year we also hold a Raise-the-Paddle to support a school initiative selected by the SF Day administration.

What is the difference between the Annual Fund and SF Day Fest?

Like all independent schools, SF Day relies on philanthropic support to balance its budget and  support the people and programs that make our school so special. Annual Fund dollars, which cover 10% of the operating budget, are typically unrestricted and therefore allow us to attract and retain outstanding faculty, invest in our curriculum, and provide the best possible learning environment for our students each year. SF Day Fest is an opportunity to socialize and build community while also raising funds directed to Discounted Tuition and other key initiatives. SF Day Fest contributes approximately 2% to the operating budget each year.  

Is there a cost to attend?  Are sponsors needed?

Full-priced tickets are $170 per person and will be available for purchase in mid-February. Discounted tickets are available online prior to the event for families receiving discounted tuition. There are a variety of sponsorship levels that include sponsorship of faculty and staff to attend, and underwriting.  Because ticket prices do not cover the full cost of the evening, sponsors are needed to enable SF Day faculty and staff to attend free of charge.

How many people attend SF Day Fest?

Typically, about 300+ parents, faculty, and staff attend SF Day Fest each year.  

What should I wear?  What about seating?  Do I bring my children?

Attire typically ranges from cocktail to semi-formal, and we encourage guests to wear whatever they feel most comfortable in. Many guests come in festive or themed attire.  For “Shine Like a Star,” that could be your personal superstar, your favorite actress/actor or a shooting star.

Seating is assigned (requests are accepted during the RSVP process and grade levels are typically seated together). Dinner is plated and dessert is served buffet style. SF Day Fest is an adults-only evening.