A Day in the Life at SFDS

  • Kinder-“gardeners”

    During their gardening unit, kindergartners work in a neighborhood garden.  Jobs include digging, weeding, watering, planting and tasting herbs and vegetables, and even hunting for bugs! Students love the hands-on opportunity to build community and learn how to take care of their world. 

  • Check Please!

    In first grade, our entrepreneurs practice running their own restaurant, which is no easy feat!  They design menus and advertisements, handle food prep and customer service, calculate checks and bills, and even clean up at the close of business. 

  • From Caterpillars to Butterflies

    In this unit of study, third graders learn about the anatomy and life cycle of insects – and butterflies, in particular.  Each student practices the skills of observation, scientific writing, and diagramming as they study, and then release, their live butterflies.

  • It’s Electric!

    After designing and drafting circuit diagrams, fourth graders build and showcase unique electric machines. Visitors love to test the machines in a hands-on gallery of lights, sounds, and complex machinery.

  • Time Traveling

    Together, second graders explore Fort Funston with their sixth grade buddies and examine sedimentary rock layers formed over millions of years. Upon closer inspection, students also discover fossils and volcanic ash.

  • Befriending Neurons

    In the Brainology unit, fifth graders learn about neuron function in two different learning environments. In a safe environment, neurons function like powerful learning machines. When you feel threatened or stressed, neurons don’t work as well.  How do you move from a negative to positive mindset? Ask a fifth grader.

  • Tackling the Sierras

    Although overnight outdoor education trips begin in third grade, only one grade takes on the Sierra Mountain range: our brave and resourceful seventh graders.  Each year they diligently prepare by learning how to plan and navigate trips in the wilderness, perform first aid, and practice minimum-impact wilderness living.

  • Let’s Celebr8

    Celebr8, the 8th Grade Culminating Experience Project, is not your typical end of the year activity. Students combine foundational skills built throughout their career at SFDS with personal interests, resulting in intricate projects that are both perceptive and well-informed. Past projects include a film festival, robotics demo, gender-stereotype inquiry, Shakespearean monologue, and a "paint for peace" social justice project. 

  • Greek Gods

    During Greek Night, the entire sixth grade class performs an evening of skits based on Greek mythology. While staying true to the classic myths, students update each ancient story with a modern twist, demonstrating their insightful thinking and collaboration.