Health & Wellness

San Francisco Day School strongly believes in the ongoing connection between body and mind.  Our goal is to teach our students wholesome habits that will foster a healthy lifestyle.  Our aspirations for physical fitness don’t extend to interscholastic athletics only; they are reflected in our physical education programs, mindfulness practice, and cafeteria program every day. 

Partnership with Darioush Epicurus

In 2012, we selected Darioush Epicurus Fine School Dining as our lunch provider.  Our fresh lunch program complements our curriculum and commitment to health and wellness. We want students to learn about where their food comes from, how it is prepared, and ultimately, how to make good choices for themselves. Click here to learn more about our program!

Recess at SF Day

Unstructured play time during the school day is a basic ingredient for children’s healthy growth and development. In addition to providing opportunities for large muscle activity and balancing the focus of the classroom, recess provides opportunities for children to play and learn to get along with others.
Lower school students have one thirty-minute recess before lunch and depending on the class schedule, a shorter mid-morning or mid-afternoon recess. Kindergarten, first grade, and second grade recess are on the yard. Third and fourth grade recesses are on the roof.

Upper school students have a fifteen-minute morning recess period. Fifth, sixth, and seventh grade recess is on the roof. Eighth grade students may be on the roof or have the privilege of using the Fern Court.

PE teachers oversee the recess program and work with students to build a positive experience during recess. Recess/lunch assistants and a rotating team of teachers are with students on the roof and yard during recess. The adults on recess duty observe children carefully, encourage positive behavior, and enforce behavioral expectations.