Universal Design for Learning

One size does not fit all.

At SF Day, we recognize that students grow, mature, and develop at different rates. We know that all children learn differently and our goal is to provide an educational program that celebrates, inspires and encourages all learners for who they are. Every day, we help each child to discover their unique strengths and challenges. Because when they discover who they are and how they best learn, they spend their years here seizing every opportunity they can. 

Universal Design for Learning provides a framework to help all of our teachers design curriculum in a way that removes barriers to access learning for all students. Our teachers take time to intentionally create lessons that enable our students to express their learning in ways that best reflect their interests, dispositions, capacities, and areas of growth, ideally personalizing the learning experience for each student through support and challenge. 

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Universal Design in Practice

Click here to download examples of UDL at work at SF Day.