Performing Arts

Throughout their career at SF Day, students are presented with numerous opportunities to explore performing arts in all its forms. Performance allows students to demonstrate new skills, develop confidence in expressing themselves in front of an audience, foster a positive feeling of ensemble with their peers, experience the joys of performing, and practice being supportive audience members.

The K-8 music program and theatrical productions, which are integrated into the academic curriculum, remain highlights of the students' experience each year. By the time they graduate, they'll have performed as singers, actors, and musicians in nine evening soiree productions, at least two lower school plays, one Greek Night and three Shakespeare plays. Several graduates have continued to pursue performing arts in high school, college, and professional settings, often attributing their talent and passion to the program at San Francisco Day School.

SF Day upper school uses an performing arts electives program to further enrich the learning of our upper school students. Below is a list of the classes that have been offered in recent years.

Chamber Singers

This course explored a wide range of vocal music including: Pop, World Music, Musical Theatre, and Classical. Students learned advanced harmonies and spent time each class period reading music and working with solfège. Chamber Singers performed pieces with piano accompaniment as well as acapella.

SF Day Dance Company

This dance course explored creative, technical, and artistic elements of dance. Since the course was student-driven, the technical styles explored were chosen by the students. Students were introduced to technical exercises emphasizing the styles of their choice, and improvisational and choreographic exercises allowed them to create their own movements and a final culminating performance.

Drum Ensemble  

This class focused on basic techniques for drum ensemble instruments including drums, bells, and rattles. Students learned warm­‐ups and improvisation exercises to develop a level of comfort and musicianship with the instruments.  They performed drum ensemble pieces from West Africa, specifically from the Ewe people in Ghana, and in  the  style  of the Caribbean. They also used singing and dancing to more fully understand and experience drum ensemble music as it is traditionally practiced around the world. 

SF Day Jazz Band with Ms. Schenck  

The SF Day Jazz Band, which met in the mornings before school last year, is now part of the school day! Jazz   Band is open to musicians who are interested in improvising and playing music in the jazz, blues, funk, and   fusion styles. Jazz Band is open to all instruments, including drums, electric guitar, bass and keyboards. Please note that due to the restrictions of the ensemble, there will be no more than two of any rhythm section instrument. Jazz Band is a great opportunity to explore improvisation and grow as an instrumentalist.


Students practiced building up their acting skills and learning to be an ensemble. They participated in drama games, practiced new techniques, and rehearsed scenes and monologues. The students concluded this course by selecting and performing a piece for the whole school.

Writing for Performance

Students created an original piece of writing to be performed in front of a group of people. Individually, each student crafted monologues, personal narratives, and humorous bits all designed to be presented before an audience. They also worked on audience analysis, story structure, tone, and revision as well as public speaking skills while creating an original work to express each student's unique voice.