Welcome to our Upper School!

High school admission directors often comment on the maturity and confidence they see from SF Day graduates.  We agree wholeheartedly.  Our upper school (grades five through eight) is committed to a thoughtful academic program that challenges students to self-advocate and approach every situation with a critical eye and open mind.

Students transition from dedicated classrooms in lower school to departmentalized subject areas and morning advisories in upper school, adjusting their pace and style to a new way of learning.  In 2013, SF Day implemented a 10-day block schedule to incorporate longer, 75 minute class periods as well as build-in study times. Consequently, students meet in smaller class sizes and benefit from a steadier pace of life at school.

Our faculty is incredibly supportive and experienced in the developmental traits of middle school adolescents and create caring, respectful relationships with each and every child.  Our teachers' expertise informs a challenging academic program, which prepares our students for successful entry into not only the top secondary schools in the Bay Area, but also into highly competitive boarding schools across the country.